About Clara

Welcome to my new adventure! I have been very passionate about fashion for a long time and a lot of friends have asked me to help them buying clothes, finding a specific piece or just giving them my opinion about an outfit. Recently I found the courage to make a career change and turn fashion into the centre of my career.

With this page I have no intentions to tell the world, or in this case Norway, what to wear, but to help you find your personal style. That is something I have been struggling with for years when trying to please family and friends, until I realized that it wasn’t working because I was not comfortable. I can’t say I have found it because I believe it’s a “work in progress”, what works during a period of time might not be optimal later on in life and vice versa.

As I was saying I am not an expert, I’m still learning but I’d like to share with you what I know or find out. So… I hope you enjoy following my learning experience!

Wish me luck and Bli Stilig med… Clara Bolinches!!


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